The brain is the master organ in the body it runs everything. It is the top bitch, if you will. We aren’t clinically considered dead until we are brain dead. We can get a new heart, irises, skin, and even lungs and stay alive but there is nothing that can be done if we lose our brain or spinal cord. Case in point, Super Man (Christopher Reeves, for those young organic bitches, google him). Pressure the size of a dime hit his spinal cord and he could no longer use anything below his neck. Sad but real. The brain has cables like telephone wires that run to every organ cell and tissue telling it what to do. If the connection from the brain is severed, that part of the body stops working instantly. If that connection has static or interference all kinds of things go wrong over time. The spine or bones in our backs protect the cables of the brain called the nervous system. If there is a problem with the bones, there can also be a problem with the cables from our brain telling our body how to work. This problem is what we as chiropractors call a Vertebral (bone) Subluxation Complex or just Subluxation. Weird word, huh? I wish the founder of chiropractic had called it static or something simple like that but he was a little fluffy.

It has definitions, depending on the medical specialty. Generally, it implies a partial joint dislocation, as “subluxation” is derived from Latin and means “less than full dislocation of a joint.” DD and BJ Palmer the Father and son founder of the Chiropractic profession labeled the term sub (less than) lux (light) ation. Since when subluxation occurs the body isn’t able to function at its optimal. The World Health Organization (WHO) makes a distinction between medical subluxations and the vertebral subluxation that is used in chiropractic. The WHO states that medical subluxations display significant structural displacement, which is visible on x-ray, MRI or CT scans, whereas the vertebral subluxation is a syndrome involving inflammation, reduced motion and compromised blood flow and nerve transmission. Subluxations, therefore, can occur in any joint, but the presentations and pain level may greatly differ. Causes of joint subluxation include trauma, poor posture or habits, arthritis or disease toxins, stress and pregnancy. (1,2,3)

Subluxation means Sub= Less than, lux =light. So if you use a light switch and there is a problem in the connection the room will get darker and darker. Same thing with a subluxation the nerve can’t tell things how to work properly. It doesn’t matter how much of the right foods you eat and wrong foods you avoid or how much you exercise and mediate, if there is a problem with this connection your body has problems.

All medical professionals know that the brain controls everything. Chiropractors are specialists at finding subluxations and removing them. Once the pressure is removed from the nerve, the brain can get the right messages and all kinds of good, normal, things start to happen. I have people in my office whose sinuses start to drain, they sleep better, thyroid medications cut in half, no more migraine medication needed, kids have less colic and ear infections, ect ect.

Without a clear nervous system, all kinds of things can be going wrong and you don’t even notice it. That is why subluxation is called the silent killer. Most of us have no clue how the body works and how everything is connected. We think that if we have pain in one place, the problem can only be there. This isn’t always the case. Every part of the body is connected. I had a patient who had sinus issues his whole life. As a kid he went to a chiropractor and his sinuses started to drain instantly. It’s a miracle so he got adjusted regularly until one day his family stopped whether it was financial reason or they stopped believing that it worked I don’t know. But fast forward 30 years later, after countless nasal sprays, infections, surgeries, cultures with no luck his wife drags him in for an adjustment and after one adjustment his sinuses drain, he sleeps better, and he can smell. Most people don’t have a problem that extreme that they can see the results so clearly and immediately but every time I do an adjustment to remove subluxation I know they body is working better.

Confessions: The first thing I did after my son was born was adjust him. Being born is hard and a lot of times babies must be pulled or sucked out with devices that exude a lot of pressure on the newborn’s spine starting the subluxation process at birth. My son was stuck on my pelvic bones during birth and made labor longer than it could have been so I knew something was probably affected in his neck. Not only that but he had a cone head. An hour after I adjusted him, his cone head was gone. I still adjust him at least one time a week. 

One of my favorite things to do is take care of pregnant moms to help labor and delivery be optimal by keeping the pelvic and sacral bones in alignment so baby can pass through the birth canal better. I also love seeing the babies after they are born so they can start life out with no interference to their nerve system like my son.