There are 24 bones in an average spine and each area protects nerves that go to parts of the body. 

The human spine has 24 bones in an average spine – many people don’t realize that these vertebrae coordinate with functions of the body, and can also be connected to their health issues. The neck is made up of the 7 smallest bones in the back called the Cervical spine or C-spine. The mid-back, being the largest section and second largest bones has 12 called the Thoracic Spine or T-spine. And 5 larger bones in the low back are called the Lumbar spine or L-Spine. These bones are there to protect the most important system in the body, the brain and its nerve system. The nerve system is a highly complex organ system in the body, it tells the whole body how to work. This system is so important, it is the only system to be completely encased in and protected by bones. Each area of bone is there to protect the nerve system as it runs to its assigned potion of the body. Problems in this system can lead to not only pain but also other problems in the body.

As an example, problems with bones in the neck can cause problems from the back of the head to the ear, pain in the trapezius muscle down to the arms and hands. A lot of times carpal tunnel can be caused by a bone in the neck disturbing the nerve telling the arm/hand how to work.

Below are some of the most common problems in areas of the spine that affect other parts and functions of the body through its nerves.


Common Neck problems

C1& C2 (Nerves go from back of head to ear.) Headaches, ear infections

C3 (Goes down the upper neck to lower neck in the trapezius muscle.) Neck pain

C 4-C6 (Goes down trapezius muscle to upper back and down into arms and hands.) Carpel tunnel, shoulder pain

Common Mid-back problems

T5- T10 (The nerves that go to the stomach and intestines.) Digestive issues.

T6-T9 (Goes to Gallbladder and liver.) Problems breaking down fat and detoxing.

T8 &T9 (Goes to pancreas.) Diabetes negatively affects the pancreas.

T10-L3 (Goes to the Colon.) Constipation.

Common Low back problems

L2 (Nerves go to the appendix, abdomen and upper leg.) Abdominal pain and leg issues.

L3 (Goes to the bladder, uterus and knees.) Over active/under active bladder, heavy periods and knees.

L4 (Goes to Prostate and Low back.) Low back pain and prostate enlargement.

L5 (Goes to the Sciatic, lower leg, and feet.) Pain into legs and sciatica.

Growing up, I had subluxations. I didn’t eat bad foods, I exercised daily, I drank tons of water, yet I was put on medications. When the medication didn’t work, we cut the medication in half or doubled it or tried a different one altogether. Unfortunately, all this did for me was make things worse. I would get my hopes up every doctor’s appointment hoping the new dosage or drug would help me to feel better but my hopes were always crushed. While I was in the Doctor of Chiropractic program and at my sickest, I learned that chiropractic was about more than just low back pain so I had my x-rays sent to me from when I was in high school. Not only did I have a bad back at 16, I also had a backwards curve in my neck. I needed corrective chiropractic but I didn’t know that chiropractic was for more than just back pain and headaches even though I went to a chiropractor off and on as a kid.

So many people have no idea what chiropractic is or what it does. The American medical association had a committee against quackery which is why chiropractors are called quacks by some and discredited. They got sued and lost but the damage they did by having this committee is unfortunately still out there. Socrates has a famous quote saying first do no harm, medical doctors must take this oath but they leave out the rest of it where he talks about looking to the spine for the cause of all disease. Thomas Edison also said The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest her or his patients in the care of the human frame, in a proper diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease. You go Thomas! Honorary organic bitch titles goes to Thomas Edison.

There is an amazing healing power inside of our brain and spinal cord. For everything to happen in our bodies, life flows from the brain down the spinal cord out the nerves to every cell, tissue and organ. The brain tells our heart how to beat, our lungs how to breathe, and cuts on our skin to heal. In fact, this life is so important that it is the only system completely incased in bone, the spinal column. From the front we need to be straight or else it is known as scoliosis. Science has proven scoliosis takes up to 10 years off our lives. And from the side our spine needs to have three curves. When we lose these curves, from say a car wreck, sports injuries or even the trauma involved in being born, our brainstem/spinal cord can no longer fit perfectly inside the spinal canal. In this case, it puts dangerous pressure on the brainstem and spinal cord. Even if one of the bones protecting our spinal cord slips out of alignment there is a buildup of tension in the tone of the tissue causing a lack of life flow to the organs. (Like stepping on a garden hose when the water is turned on, the water can’t get out as fast or efficient.) This loss of curve or misalignment of the vertebrae is called a subluxation. I take subluxation as serious as cancer or a heart attack because I know that this is the cause of both. If you want full body health I recommend for you to find out if you have subluxation and take steps to correct it. I guarantee your live will see massive transformation.