To whom it may concern,

My experience at Essential Life Chiropractic Center has been, from beginning to end, enlightening and positive. I have suffered from poor health my whole life. It has had a very negative effect on every aspect of my life. I could not concentrate on school and missed many days because of the pain. I have tried various types of therapies but none were successful, until I started being treated at Essential Life. Their focus on overall wellness as well as proper spine alignment has helped cure me of many of my chronic ailments such as ulcers, back pain, fatigue, and migraines. They help teach their patients proper nutrition and exercises to help benefit their overall health. When I learned that Dr. Yvonne had similar struggles with her health when she was younger, her commitment to helping others who are in pain made sense. I cannot express my gratitude to everyone at Essential Life for the positive changes that have happened in my life because of their compassion and eagerness to help.


Hailey Jordan