Mediate on your goals in the shower. 

I am a very intentional person. Every morning I wake up, drink 24 oz of filter water, feed my dogs, let my dogs outside, write down 5 things that I am grateful for along with 10 top goals I am going to achieve, lay on my Denneroll for my neck, oil pull, make a green protein shake, pack a lunch and shower. I sometimes can get a workout in the morning but most of the time I do workouts midday or take my dogs for a walk/run. I am always thinking about how to be a better version of myself and how to show up for my family. I also get my son ready, make my husband coffee and sometimes do the laundry. Wow, I feel tired just typing all that out. I am far from a morning person. This kind of energy has taken me years to come by and my body will no longer let me drink caffeine so it is all without the lovely aid of coffee. All this to say, it seems like there are a million little things that I have learned over the years to help achieve my goals and get this morning routine in place. I am adding new things daily as one thing becomes a habit I usually add another one.  But I want to share what I do with you so you can get some tips and reach your goals too. 

The one I am focused on today is that I think about my dream-board or my goals in the shower. Starting in high school, I would put my class notes in Ziploc bags, tape them to the shower and study in the shower. After I was done with classes I made a list of my top goals in the Ziploc to tape to the shower.I think about them as if they have already happened. I “feel in to them” if you will. There is something about the negative ions that happen in a hot shower that helps people come up with their best ideas, concepts and best ways to solve problems. I personally think about my goals. It is a very simple easy practice. But can take some prep work to know exactly what your goals are. Another rad thing is, I find that I think best in the shower so I am able to come up with my goals easiest in the shower. If you don’t know your goals yet try thinking about it in the shower for a week and see with your brain comes up with. The cool thing about goals is that they can be changed at any point. They don’t have to be perfect and can change with the season of your life or even as you get clearer about what it is you actually want. It actually works. Try it out and find out for yourself. 

Here are some ways that help me to reach my goals 
1. Read books on making yourself better. Here are my favorites
2. Daily write down 10 goals and identify the 1 goal that will get you there the fastest to work on today. 
3. Make Dream-board. I have one at home and one at my desk at work.
4. Have pictures or a list of your goals in your shower, closet, kitchen, car, ect. Surround yourself. 
5. While in the shower go thorough your goals in your head as if you are living them now. 
6. Understanding that if you try something a fail that is actually one step closer to your goal. Failures are actually successes.