Toxins, Thoughts and Traumas all cause problems in the spine

Many times, I get asked, “What do you think caused this problem in my back”? The answer is different for everyone. Everyone’s life/spine/genetics are different but the 3 general ways are the same for all of us. The 3 T’s : Toxins, Thoughts, and Traumas all cause subluxations (problems in our spine).

            Toxins in the air, food, water, environment are a common cause of subluxation. Toxins can come in the form of smoky air from forest fires in the summer on the west coast. Toxins from the sunscreen or bug spray we use when outside. Toxins from our dry cleaning, kitchen cleaners, scentsy, febreeze, perfume or personal care products. Our body is smart and wants to keep us alive in the “here/now”. When we encounter a toxin, it causes an imbalance in our body. Just like if you add too much chlorine to your pool it is going to cause an imbalance in the water and create a dangerous environment for swimming. When we are out of balance, our body tries to limit the bad effects for the short term. Most of the time this looks like moving a bone out of place to limit the messages going from the brain to a body part in order to limit shock. This is a very smart process of the body in the short term, unfortunately in the long term it is harmful to that organ that can no longer hear the brain’s messages at 100% hence why toxins cause subluxations. Try to avoid toxins that will cause you pain and suffering. These also include: commercialized foods loaded with chemicals, additives, preservatives, etc; common things found in every home; and/or contaminated water.

            Stress in the same way will cause problems in the spine to limit shock. Stressful thoughts will cause muscles to tighten and in turn cause bones to be pulled out of alignment. A lot of the time this turns in to a vicious cycle of stress and imbalanced pressures pulling on the spine. Thoughts have been proven worse than traumas in some cases. Stress is a HUGE part of this. Stress causes all kinds of havoc on the body from muscles tensing to poor posture to a flow of “bad” hormones assaulting the body’s natural defenses. It is important to manage peace by creating goals, schedules and times to relax

            Traumas can be as big as a car accident or as little as sleeping on your stomach with your head turned to one side all night. Traumas happen in your daily lives all over the place like not stretching before a workout or stop/go traffic on the way to work. Assaulting the body with doughnuts and sugar drinks for breakfast. “Jarring type accidents, such as falling, tripping, and stumbling, are the most common traumas leading to subluxation, especially if they are unexpected, because no preparation can be made to blunt or reduce the force of impact. Compressional force is common with trauma, such as a stubbed toe, which is transmitted into the joint and causes distortion. Sports injuries can cause subluxations from either compressional or shearing forces. Shoulder subluxations of the glenohumeral and acromioclavicular joints are common in all contact sports. Axial, or pulling, force can cause injury also, such as “nursemaid’s elbow,” which is the subluxation of the head of the radius at the elbow, common in children who are pulled by their arm. Car accidents can cause subluxations obviously, with whiplash of the neck being the most common. Most subluxations cannot be detected with x-rays, although motion palpation and visual examination can reveal abnormal movement, as well as biochemical and neurological function”. (2)

            These can cause subluxation. The good news is subluxation can be corrected before it becomes so bad that surgery is needed through chiropractic care. That is what most chiropractors are experts at. (alternative: This is what I as a chiropractor am an expert at)

Organic tip: Avoid the 3 T’s by being an organic bitch. 1. Whole motions. Get those bones back into place with a chiropractic adjustment. As well as exercises to support the natural whole motions of the spine. 2. Whole foods. This will decrease toxins and inflammation to decrease pain.  3. Whole thoughts. Bust that stress and create peace management to support healthy hormones and muscles.