Choose organic when it comes to meats for better health. 

When eating organic it is best to find out what you can afford and change the foods that have the most bang for buck. We are what we eat but we also are what we eat that they ate. So, eating organic veggies is great but it is more important to eat organic when it comes to meats. One carrot is one carrot. But one steak is acres and acres of grass or corn usually GMO, sprayed with pesticides and other toxic products. It is better on the environment to have less toxins in the air and more farmers going organic.

Confession: Sometimes in the winter when the garden isn’t producing anymore, we don’t get all organic fruits and veggies but we do get high quality meats. One it tastes better. Two, it is more bang for our buck health wise.

Eating organic means eating as close to natural as possible. So, eating meat that eats what it is supposed to eat, not just what makes them fat. It is best to get grass-fed beef. Cows are meant to eat grass. They even have two stomachs to digest it, whereas we couldn’t digest grass. And wouldn’t want to, yuck. Fortunately for us, when cows eat grass, their bodies have the perfect ratio of Omega 3:6. When this ratio is out of balance it causes inflammation or diseases with the “itis”” at the end of it which causes tons of pain and sends people to my chiropractic office. A lot of people stay away from red meat and I think that is good unless you can get grass fed beef. Did you know that grass fed beef will help you to be healthier? It also provides you will amino acids and iron among many other great health benefits? When the food that we are eating is stressed out, eating what it shouldn’t eat and raised mostly to be fat so it gets more of a selling price, we are stressed out, fat and have health issues.

Organic tip: Eat grass fed beef whenever possible. It will decrease stress and help with brain function. 

For this same reason, choose free range chickens. It is incredibly stressful on chickens to live in a cage the size of their body and have antibiotics applied to every egg so the breasts will be larger. These antibiotics also give chickens a wonderful strain of antibiotic resistant bacteria. Not only that but chickens are getting cancer cells and those chickens are sometimes being sold to us. Eating cancer cells sounds disgusting and can’t be good for us even if it is chicken cancer. Go with cage-free organic free-range eggs that have never been given antibiotics. I like to buy eggs from farmer’s markets or farmers that I know are feeding their chickens kale, non-GMO corn, ect. We are what we eat that they eat. You don’t want to eat chickens that are fed chicken or grains loaded with toxins.

Organic tip: Eat cage free organic chicken. Eating stressed out chickens will make you one stressed out chick.

Wild caught fish is best. Farm raised fish are usually higher in toxins because they hang out in the same water all day. Use your brain people. Think, how would this live in nature, if it is given grain that is sprayed with presides and herbicides that is not something you would eat so why would you eat something that ate it? There are a lot of benefits to eating fish including being high in Omega 3 which will help with brain health and decrease inflammation/pain. Fish oil is sold a lot of times as a way to get Omega 3. Watch out though, eating fish that are at the bottom of the food chain can be a problem because they ended up eating crud and junk at the bottom of the ocean. Wild caught Alaskan Salmon is one of the best fishes to eat.

Grass-fed lamb can also contain valuable amounts of CLA (conjugated linoleic acid), a health supportive fatty acid. Grass-fed lamb is an excellent source of vitamin B12 and a very good source of protein, selenium and niacin. It is also a useful source of zinc and phosphorus. Lamb is usually one of the cleanest meats you can find on a menu because most of the farmers grass fed them on the range but this isn’t always the case. I personally do not like lamb in most forms unless at fine dining special occasions.

Pork is a meat that can be very terrible for you. Most lunch meats and bacon are treated with nitrates and tons of salt. But if eaten correctly it can be a good clean meat to consume. Go with pasture raised pork. Once again it is best when eating animal meat to eat animals that are living a life they are intended to live. We all are less stressed when we get sunny vacations and so are pigs. Pigs that get sunshine and are less stressed out will taste richer.  Each breed of pork has a slightly different taste and the flavor differs depending on what the pigs have eaten. Pastured pork does cook faster than conventionally raised pork, so searing the outside of cuts like chops, then transferring to the oven to finish is your best bet. I was never a huge fan of pork and I still am not except bacon but who doesn’t love bacon.

 If you do still have “itis” and joint pain. I can help you! Find out more here.