“My therapist set half a glass of water in front of me. He asked if I was an optimist or a pessimist. So, I drank the water and told him I was a problem solver.” – Unknown

 One of the best things I recommend to my patients to feel great throughout the day is to keep a cup of water by the bed and drink it upon waking. If you start your morning with 8-20 oz of water you are going to have more energy, make better food choices and have less aches/pain. 

 The health benefits of clean water seem endless. When born humans are 80% water. With age humans start to lose hydration more and more. This happens with the processed/dehydrating foods consumed. Caffeine is one example of this. Caffeine was my go to for energy for years and years until my body literally stopped functioning on it. Even still, I love love love coffee with my whole heart but can no long drink it with caffeine. This is good for hydration but rough on my heart. But good news for all the caffeine lovers out there, the less you drink it the less it feels good to drink. I have found that now if I have even decaf coffee that still has a little caffeine in it, I feel so dehydrated that I get a headach and no longer want to drink coffee. 

Anyways, in lay mans terms caffeine causes the body to pee more. This is because it shuts down a hormone  called the Anti-Diuretic Hormone (ADH). This hormone keeps water snug in the cells of the body. Caffeine tells that hormone to stop working so more peeing happens therefore dehydration in the body occurs. This is true with any form of caffeine whether it is in coffee, soda, chocolate ect. Also, as I have said it the past we are what we eat so if low water content foods are consumed like carbs and meats. The body will be more dehydrated. Another reason why fruits and veggies are so important to eat. They are high in water content. Also, you clan check my post on healthy things to drink here.

Our skin is the biggest detox organ of the body. A lot of dry skin and breakouts can be caused from toxins we encounter on a daily basis from candles, cleaning products, new carpet/floors, ect. Water will help to flush out the toxins and keep the skin nice. Anther benefit of drinking water is that muscle holds more water than fat so the more water you drink the more likely you are to increase muscle tissue and decrease fat. Plus a lot of hunger is actually thirst. Hello bikini! 

Drinking water first thing in the morning means getting some water in for the day. If you are like me, some days you will get to the end of the day and realize you were so busy that you didn’t drink any water. Then you try to scramble to get half your body weight in ounces of water. This makes sleeping almost impossible because you then have to get up to pee a million times. This is why I start my day with 24 oz of clean water (filtered water). Now, I understand that this might be to hefty of a goal for someone just starting this practice and make you not want to try at all. I recommend starting with 8 oz and increasing it as your body gets used to it. You will also find that your body will crave the water in the morning. 

At night grab a cup (or bottle if you are worried about spilling it), fill it with water, place it next to your bed stand and as soon as you wake up in the morning drink the water. Easy. I find, I am hardly awake in the mornings so it goes down easy. Plus the body absorbs room temp water better than ice cold an it is easier to drink more water that way. 

Benefits of water in the morning.
1. More hydrated healthy skin.
2. Less toxins in the body.
3. More likely to have healthy food choices during the day. 
4. More likely to get half your body weight in water a day before night so you aren’t up all night peeing. 
5. Flushes lactic acid from the muscles that will cause sore muscles. 
6. Promotes more muscle mass in the body .

If you still have a lot of soreness it can be from subluxation or bones being out of position causing pressure on the nerves and pain. I can help you with this. Find out how here.  You can contact us here.