Hot baths are more than a luxury. They have so many health benefits. 

 Patients are always asking what they can do at home to help with pain. I always telling patients to take a hot bath with Epsom salts. I say this several times a day. I am not kidding you. This is actually a very therapeutic thing to do for so many  reasons. I know, I know the idea of taking a hot bath in salts, and maybe even through in some essential oils, sounds more like a luxury/fluffy thing than a therapy. WRONG! It is extremely therapeutic. 

 Hot water is amazing for bringing healing to muscles just like using a heating pad or hot rice pack. Doctors can even charge money for using hot moist packs before treatments. In general it is best to use heat on pain that is chronic or after the initial 48 hours of an injury. Everyone is a little different though. That is way I say in general. Heat stimulates healing to the area so the body can repair itself and therefore decrease the pain over time. Heat is an amazing simple tool to get out of pain and decrease sore muscles. If you have chronic pain that keeps you from sleeping at night, you had a hard workout or your job is very physical. I recommend taking a hot bath for 10-20 minutes before going to bed. If you follow this advice for a week you will be amazed at how much better you sleep. 

 Epsom salts will also aid to this process by helping to pull lactic acid and toxins from the muscles that will cause soreness/pain. The right kind of salts are actually really health for us. This is one reason while it is also helpful when sick to take a detox bath. Adding essential oils to the bath will not only help to relax you and decrease stress but oils have so many health benefits. Lemon grass has properties that are very healing to arthritis which causes tons of people pain. Lavender has properties that will heal the skin topically and it is also very calming. 

Health reasons to take a hot bath in Epsom salts
1. It will help soothe sore muscles. 
2. It will decrease muscle spasms. 
3. It will help relax the mind and decrease stress. 
4. It will help create better sleep. 

If you are still in pain even after a week of hot baths, something might be out of place or subluxated. In this case, it is a good idea to have a healthcare professional exam you. This is usually something I can help you with. This article will explain more about how chiropractic can help.