Its more than just what’s for dinner. 

I get asked all the time, “but Doc what can I do at home?” I love this question because I love when patients are committed to getting better and are willing to do things at home. I find that the patients who do exercise/traction at home get the best results and stay out of pain for longer. This is why I am a big believer in making up personalized exercise plans based on my patient’s individually cases for them to do at home. These exercises usually only take between 5 and 20 minutes typically three times a week but can make a huge difference. 

One of the items that I use a lot is called the Cervical Denneroll. It is a great thing to do to maintain a healthy neck and decrease pain along with tension. I personally use my Denneroll at least 3 times a week. The Denneroll was designed by Chiropractors to decrease neck pain and optimized the ideal cervical curve. There have been several research studies to prove its effectiveness. It is a tool that I use with patients in the office but I love that I can also send it home to be done outside of the office. It is easy to use, affordable and very effective. It is also time effective, it only takes 3-20 minutes  a day of use in order to get the many benefits. 

Proven in a number of case studies and one randomized clinical trial, Denneroll orthotic devices are used by patients of more than 2,500 chiropractors around the world. It is prescribed based on X-ray findings. 

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