Lower Back Pain

Essential Life Chiropractic conveniently located near Eagle, aims to find and address the underlying cause of low back pain.
Low back pain affects millions of people every year. According to the Global Burden of Disease in 2010, low back pain is the single leading cause of disability worldwide. Chiropractic care has been acknowledged by several sources as the best way to manage low back pain and prevent future injury to the low back. 


Did you know…?

According to the Center for Disability Research at the Liberty Mutual Research Institute for Safety, patients with work-related low back pain treated solely by a physical therapist were: Twice as likely to become disabled as those under chiropractic care. And those treated solely by a standard physician (MD) were: 60% more likely to become disabled than those under chiropractic care. (J Occupat Enviro Med 2011(Apr) 53(4): 2089910352

Chiropractic adjustments at Essential Life Chiropractic can help to alleviate spinal pressure on the low back caused by either tight muscles from pelvic rotation, spinal misalignment, and disc herniation.

There are two proven ways to evaluate for misalignment of the bones in the spine that cause low back pain:

1. Postural examination and palpation of the spine
2. Motion X-rays of the low back 


Addressing the Root of the Problem

When looking at a person from the front, the spine must be straight. The head, shoulders, hips, and feet should all line-up. When looking at a person from the side, the ears should be back over the shoulders and the shoulders should be back over the pelvis. Your posture and spine are abnormal, which can cause low back pain, if:


  • Your head is visibly tilted, shifted or rotated in one direction.
  • Your head juts out in front of your chest and shoulders.
  • One shoulder is higher than the other, turned in one direction, or your whole upper body is shifted to one side.
  • One hip is higher than the other, turned in one direction, or shifted to one side.

If any of these are the case, chiropractic care can help decrease your lower back pain.