1. You are more productive in the day: Just like your car cant run without gas your body cant run without fuel/food! You cant function at your fullest without nutrients.

2. You will have more energy in the day: Same principle as #1 having fuel helps you to be able to produce energy for the day.

3.  You will be able to focus better: Not giving your brain fuel makes it seriously hard to wipe the cobwebs off to think clearly. This means less scatterbrained moments and more productivity at home, work, ect.

4. You will be in a better mood: Being hungry can cause you to feel irritable and miserable. It can take a normally happy person and make them grumpy, even down right mean. Being in a good mood will help you to leave good impressions on those around you and in turn good impressions will spread all because you at breakfast!

5. You can lose weight: Eating breakfast causes you to be less likely to bing eat later in the day. This will keep you from eating too much, cheat on your diet and pack on extra pounds.  Sounds like a win win.

6. You will look better: Eating regular meals balances your hormones. This will help you to lose weight easier, age more gracefully and get to/stay at your ideal weight.

I almost always do a protein shake for breakfast. I love Kelly Leveque’s book Body Love. She recommends having 4 components in every meal: greens, fat, fiber and protein.  My breakfast is almost always chocolate protein powder, water, ice, handful of frozen organic kale, 1 Tb of organic hemp seeds, and 1 Tb of organic peanut butter. My son even drinks them with me.